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Building Materials

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Maplef General Supplier is a subsidiary of Maunsell Investment Investment Company Limited. Maplef general supplier is a key player in supply and installation of construction related products. Maplef General supplier is specialized in supply of building and infrastructure materials in Canada and Middle Eastern region.

Maplef general supplier supplies wide range of products to include valves, pipes, fittings, fans, pumps, PICV, electrical and communication equipment and air conditioning equipment.

Maplef General Supplier have manufacturing and testing facilities in China and stocking, warehousing and distribution facilities in Middle East and Canada.

Our focus on providing cost effective high quality solutions that solve the demand of niche market applications for our discerning customers.

Some of the well-known brands we represent are Maplef, Danfoss, FlowCon, Ruskin Titus, Rotork, and systemair

Maplef General Supplier maintains its leading supplier position and enjoys the reputation of providing the product and sevices that keep face with the world-famous brands at a fraction of the cost, by virtue of advanced valve design, manufacturing technique and proven service performance in major projects.

We at Maplef General Supplier are committed to providing our customer with materials that are of superior quality, well-engineered, cost efficient and the performance of which meets the industry’s international standards.